Review - World's First Link Shortener Based On Blockchain Technology Review - World's First Link Shortener Based On Blockchain Technology

Linktor is a blockchain based link shortener service that pays the user every time someone clicks on their links. This website pays users to share shortened URLs on the internet. This link shortener is one of the fastest growing link shortener service, behind its popularity is their payout rates and responsive UI.

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How it Works?

  1. You must first register on website
  2. Now figure out what kind of links you will be shrinking and how you plan on sharing them.
  3. Paste the long URL in the shorten box and shrink the URL.
  4. Copy and share the new short monetized link to start earning.
  5. Each time a person clicks on the link they will be redirected to a full-page advertisement.
  6. After the person views the advertisement for 5 seconds they can now click on the continue button and it will redirect them to the destination.

What You Need to Know?

  1. When using this site it is forbidden to click on your own links to generate money. You are allowed to click on your shortened URLs to test them.
  2. You can’t ask people to click on your shortened links. When a person clicks on a link it is because they want to go to the destination site. If you advertise to get people to click on your links, your account will be banned and your earning will not be paid.
  3. Your links can’t be opened in a pop-up or iframe. The links must open to a full-page advertisement when a person clicks on your link.
  4. You are only allowed one account on the site. If you have more than one person using your computer, they can’t open an account on the site.
  5. Each click on one of your shortened links must be unique within the last 24 hours. The site will only count one click per site visitor. If a person clicks on your shortened link more than once, this won’t count. However, if he clicks on a different shortened link on your website, this will count.
  6. In order to receive credit from the clicks on your link, the site visitor must have JavaScript enabled on their device.
  7. Each visitor to your website must have Cookies enabled on their device.
  8. Before you can earn a credit for a person clicking on one of your links they must visit your website for at least 5 seconds.

Tools For Developers/Site Owners?

  • Quick Link
  • Mass Shrinker
  • Full Page Script
  • Developers API
  • Wordpress Plugin

How Much Can You Earn?

  1. Your earnings are calculated by the amount of traffic you can generate through your URLs.
  2. Each country has a different pay rate through 1000 clicks.
  3. Therefore, you can earn upto $10 per 1000 clicks.
  4. It is easy to check the payout rates on the site.
  5. The site uses a CPM revenue models for calculating your payment rate.

How Does The Referral Program Work?

  1. If you refer a person to the site and they join the site, you’ll earn 20% of the person’s income for life.
  2. The person who signs up under your referral link will always earn 100% of their money generated from the traffic and signup bonus upto $1.

Payment Methods?

The company offers three forms of payment that you can choose.

  • PayPal
  • Paytm
  • Bitcoin


This is a legit website to join to earn money from shortening links and sharing them on your website, blog, or social media handles. If you follow the rules and work closely with the site you can earn a generous income each month. However, if you try to cheat by asking people to click on your links, redirecting traffic to your links, or posting your links on PTC site, your account will be banned and your earning will be deducted from your account.